Professional File Sharing

Sharing content amongst your colleagues or friends with full control over how, when and who has access to it.

Professional sharing adheres to the best industry standards and practices to keep your data secure. Your files and folders are kept private by default. You may share data with users in your account, other accounts, or with any unregistered user via public links.

Scalable solutions provides enterprise-class cloud storage architecture designed to achieve the highest levels of scalability to meet accelerating data growth. Scale with a flexible architecture that readily adapts to your business growth. If your organization requires more control over a cloud environment, offers a private cloud solution.

Security and reliability uses SSL for all site communication, allowing you to safely work from public Wi-Fi networks. Files are securely transferred using AES 256-bit encryption, the same security expected from banks and insurances companies. Data is hosted at facilities granted ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification for information security.